Gin and Beer It Podcast

Episode 14: The Cosmopolitan feat. Nina

This week, Meg is joined by Nina to discuss the Sex and the City classic: the Cosmo. Topics include the history of the drink, which SATC girl we think we are, and some stories about drinking choices we made in the past that we are now far too old for. Enjoy!

Episode 11: The Manhattan with Matthew Wyne of Letters & Liquor

This week, Meg is joined by design and cocktail expert Matthew Wyne (of Wyne Enterprises and Letters & Liquor) to discuss the classic Manhattan. Topics include how Matthew was inspired by the Manhattan, the process of completing his project Letters & Liquor, and the best ingredients for changing up a classic Manhattan.

Episode 11: Santorini Beer and Cocktails feat. Harry (again)

Join us this week for part two of our Santorini drinking experience, this week focusing on beer and cocktails! Topics include the various beers of Santorini Brewing Company, the best (and worst) cocktails we tried on the island, and the epic story of how we made it to Greece during a pandemic. Enjoy!

Episode 10: The Monkey Gland with Ebby from @ebbydranks

This week, Meg is joined by cocktail instagrammer Ebby from @ebbydranks to discuss a cocktail with a super weird history, the Monkey Gland. Topics include weird surgical procedures once used in France, tips for photographing cocktails, and some advice from Ebby on how to solve my grenadine crisis.

Episode 9: The Tom Collins feat. Zoë

This week, Meg is joined by best friend of 25 years, Zoë, to discuss the simple and classic Tom Collins! Topics include its fascinating history, a million ways to switch it up, and the cute story of the first time Zoë ever tried one. Enjoy!

Episode 8: Tiki Drinks with Max from @cocktailsbymax

This week, Meg was joined by Max, who runs the Instagram account @cocktailsbymax, to discuss tiki drinks and in particular, the Mai Tai. Topics include favorite variations, the easiest syrups to make from home, and fun garnishes to try. Enjoy!

Episode 7: Santorini Wines feat. Harry

This week, Meg is joined (once again) by Harry to discuss the many wines that they discovered on their recent trip to the Greek island of Santorini. Topics include a review of nine separate wineries (!!), our personal favorite Santorini wines, and plenty of Harry’s bad jokes.

Episode 6: Talking Cocktails with Alex from @cocktailcreationuk

This week, Meg is joined by Alex who runs the @cocktailcreationuk account on Instagram, which has gained a strong following thanks to his inventive drinks and high quality photos. Topics include how to experiment with your own drinks, why to never order a cocktail at Wetherspoon’s, and the best cocktails we’ve had since lockdown was […]

Episode 5: Pimm’s: The Ultimate British Summer Staple

Whether the weather agrees or not, it is British summertime! What is synonymous with British summer? PIMM’S obviously! This week, Meg talks discusses the history of the world’s most delicious drink to have in the sun. Did you know there was once six different versions of Pimm’s? Listen to find out more!

Episode 4: Frozen Margaritas feat. Nadia

This week, Meg is joined once again by the lovely Nadia to discuss Nadia’s favorite drink: the frozen margarita! Topics include the history of the margarita, where to get the best one on the Kings Road, and why Meg and Nadia have fallen out with prosecco. Enjoy!

Episode 3: The Pina Colada feat. Harry

This week, Meg is joined by ‘three-peat’ guest, Harry, to discuss the beloved pina colada. We talk pirates, debate whether a ‘peanut colada’ is a real thing, and discuss some fun variations.

Episode 2: The Dry Martini feat. Michael

This week, Michael makes his three-peat appearance on Gin and Beer It to discuss the classic cocktail: the martini. We discuss the best martinis we’ve ever had, our perfect recipes, and the interesting history of James Bond’s favorite tipple.

Introducing The New and Improved Gin and Beer It!

I am so incredibly excited to announce the new and (hopefully!) improved Gin and Beer It podcast. In 2018, I started Gin and Beer It as a way of documenting my experiences of moving to London as an American and all of the people I have met, places I have traveled to, and experiences I […]