Best of Martinis in Pop Culture

We are all familiar with the famous James Bond Vesper martini (shaken, not stirred… what an abomination..), but the martini is a prominent beverage in pop culture even without the dashing British spy. Here are a list of my favorite martini drinks from television shows and films that I love (in no particular order). Lucille […]

Post-Lockdown London Negroni Bucket List

Hi all! If you live in London, you are probably aware that our lockdown restrictions on going to restaurants and bars are finally being relaxed this Saturday, July 4th. Now that being able to have some sense of normality is in reach, I’ve finally started to day dream again about all the bars and restaurants […]

Things I Do to Feel ‘Normal’

Wear makeup on the weekends Get dressed before 5pm Put on perfume Have themed nights Order food and drinks from restaurants Sit in the park and people watch (at a social distance) Paint my toenails Go for long runs Complain about my job Find ways to laugh Buy take away pints from pubs Eat at […]

Dressing Up to Stay In

I feel a certain degree of guilt constantly writing about coronavirus. We are all living it and watching it excessively on the news, so I’m guessing the last thing anyone wants to do is travel to the Gin and Beer It corner of the internet and inundate their brains with even more ‘corona content.’ However, […]

To My Mom

“My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be. She filled our house with love and fun and books and music, unflagging in her efforts to give me role models from Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith. As she […]

Staying Home Away From Home

Right now, all of us are doing our best to #StayAtHome, but for some of us, the home we stay in might not be our own. We are now in Week 5 of our coronavirus reality, and I can genuinely say that experiencing this global crisis across the world from my family has been the […]

Things That Are Not Cancelled

Having dirty feet from running around the backyard barefoot Laughing (albeit virtually) till you cry with your family Tea and biscuits under a gigantic duvet Watching crap reality tv shows until 2AM Birds chirping to announce spring  Rainstorms against the window Overly competitive family board games Red wine and a piece of dark chocolate Being […]

Expressing Myself Through Fashion During Quarantine

If there is one extremely first-world and trivial struggle that I have encountered as a result of #COVID19, it is finding a way to express myself through fashion as a person who A.) loves to show off outfits out in public and on social media and B.) hates anything relating to ‘leisure-wear.’ Don’t get me […]

Oooh La La La La La Let’s Live in the Moment

If there is anything quarantining has taught me, it is how much I used ‘looking forward’ as a way of coping with the daily mundane before all of this weirdness began. To clarify, right now I would pay a ridiculous sum of money just to experience what I thought was ‘mundane’ about pre-coronavirus life. But, […]

The Quarantine Diaries

How are you? I’m struggling. I feel like I’ve been writing this in my head for the past four days, but things have changed so drastically every single day that what was in my head and my heart a few days ago is already massively outdated. Personally, I feel miles behind the positivity and optimism […]


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