About Meg


I’m Meg, a 27 year old American from Chicago who has been living in London since 2016. I have actually never worked in the service industry and have no bartending experience whatsoever, but I will say my drinking resume is as extensive as it is impressive. I have always viewed drinking as the universal equalizer. Drinking is a way of sharing technique, culture, experience, and history all held together in a single glass. Beverage trends are a direct reflection of the economy and how people view themselves in the world we currently live in. Most importantly, drinking is a way of passing the time with people we love. I started Gin and Beer It as a way of sharing my experiences as an American living abroad, and in doing so I discovered that my true passion is learning people and the world while (of course) having a few drinks.

Whether your tipple of choice is a whiskey cocktail, a glass of chardonnay, or a zero proof cherry 7UP, I hope that Gin and Beer It finds a way to quench your thirst.


Drinking with Meg 101:

  • What is your Desert Island Spirit… a.k.a the spirit that you would choose if you could only bring one to a deserted island?
    • I think it would have to be Malfy Gin Rosa. It is such a fresh gin and despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to get sick of it.
  • What is a drink that you’ve never been able to get into?
    • Cider. Whether it is Angry Orchard back at home or proper Cornish cider in the U.K…. I can’t stand it. The sweetness gives me an instant headache.
  • What was the first alcoholic drink of your life?
    • Apart from dipping my finger in my mom’s wine (did anyone else do this as a kid??) my first real drink was a bottle of Heineken on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris after my high school graduation. The setting was poetic…. we will just have to forgive the beer.
  • Favorite cocktail?
    • Depending on how its made, my favorite cocktail of all time is probably the Negroni. When done right, there is literally nothing better. Coming in a very close second, and my original favorite cocktail, is the Old Fashioned
  • Favorite place to have a drink?
    • This is way too difficult to narrow down, so I will say my top three are a beach, a tiki bar, and wherever my parents are.